Take a look at some of our previous case studies across a variety of select industries. Don't see your business industry? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've selected the following projects as an overview and not a marker of all of our capabilities.


American Funding Group Corp.

Brand Identity for a financial service company dedicated to funding businesses who need capital to grow their business. The goal was to create a brand identity that felt corporate and sturdy. The logo mark signifies the location of funding to keep American businesses growing in an upward trajectory. The colors and imagery help to establish the voice of the brand to be optimistic and hopeful to business owners.


Yasmine Brown

The goal was to establish the client Yasmine Brown as a goals coach in the personal development industry, targeting professional, goal-driven women. The brand appeal is professional vibrancy that motivates. The identity system and tagline establishes Yasmine as a brand that helps to create harmonious balance to her clients' lives.


Oklahoma City International Christian Church

The goal was to create a brand strategy and identity that would establish the Oklahoma City International Christian Church as a family of leaders who together, help college-aged students to identify their purpose in life defined by the truth through a relationship with Christ. The brand seeks to bridge the gap between the 21st century and the traditional roots and values of the city culture, offering a sense of direction and helping to guide the path to purpose.


IRTH Water Bottles

IRTH is a leading provider of sustainable and high-quality drinkware that reduces the negative impact of ecological harm caused by the present pollution crises. The tagline "Reset the Planet" was developed to highlight the mission of the brand and the identity the brand seeks to establish is strong, authoritative and high-end.


The Love Juice Co.

The client desired to create a hip and modern juice brand that would start a movement of drinks that do good to the body and to the underserved communities. The brand mission is reinforced through the usage of unconventional visuals, language and colors not typical of what one would expect from a natural juice company. The advertisements and imagery highlight culture and mission while providing education of the benefits of consuming natural juices.


Houston International Christian Church

The brand sought to reestablish its identity to connect the church with the culture of what the city of Houston is known for: space exploration. The mission of the church is to evoke its audience to take a chance in exploring higher level faith in God. We developed an identity system that aligned more closely with the brand's mission and target audience to create a connection between faith and city culture.


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I have enjoyed the great pleasure of contracting Brand Genius for services on multiple occasions. I first became a Client when I needed a complete organizational and branding overhaul. Brand Genius went right to work, along with the development of a brand and marketing strategy, they effectively aligned our organizational strategies, along with our mission, into a very recognizable and impactful brand. Brand Genius far exceeded and over delivered on all of our expectations. As a result our organization has been transformed, and has doubled in size during the past 12 months.

Dr. John A. Causey Chairman

Brand Genius is absolutely amazing!!! You will not be disappointed. They know their stuff. You can easily trust their direction with the overall design and branding. Brand Genius is an easy win for your organization!

Richie McDonnell Minister

This was my first time doing the whole branding thing and needless to say, this company with owner Sparkle, made the entire process smooth and informative. The things that I did not understand she was very informative and offered awesome suggestions that I believe will help now and in the long run. I will definitely continue to use them as my business grow.

Angel Jones DMD

I want to start by saying that Sparkle was purely a Godsend for me. I didn’t really think about the psychology of branding. I have been working on how to showcase my brand for a while now and she was able to execute my vision to the T. She was surprisingly quick too. I couldn’t believe the turnaround time. I just love her and the type of professional she is. I can tell she really cares for her clients because it shows. Highly highly recommend her for branding and marketing.

Khrysta Hendricks Entrepreneur

Sparkle Boea is brilliant and her work is second to none. I've trusted more than a few branding and marketing projects to Sparkle. Time after time Sparkle has delivered star-quality websites, branding packages and marketing plans. Whether I am preparing a new business idea for funding or preparing for a company launch, Sparkle has proven capable in producing over-and-above, top-quality work. Not only has she shown to be one of the most creative branding experts around, Sparkle put her heart into every project that she took on for me. Yet, she is a straight shooter who is not afraid to express where she believes a plan or idea may miss the mark. I've avoided a few bad decision because of her honesty. I really appreciate her for that. My new clients and customers think I spend many multiples in getting this quality of work done. Luckily I don't. It's just Sparkle's hard work, her brilliance, and her commitment to a job well done.

Tyrone Crowder Entrepreneur


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